Week 12 : 16mm

Week 12 : 16mm
May 31 2021

Last week I ended up at 14.5mm.

Tuesday I had a lot of work on the computer. I can easily hide my moves under the desk. I did multiple finger stretching and then installed the 15mm stretcher which felt tight but not painful, that is what you want, it needs to feel like it stretches but causes no pain. Just before bed, I got a 15.5mm but it did not feel comfortable so I went back to 15mm for the night.

Wednesday morning the 15mm was in the sheets, if fell overnight. I got distracted as soon as I woke up and could not reinstall it. Then mid-day I totally forgot about it and only installed the 15mm at night. In the middle of the night, I woke up to some discomfort and took out the stretcher for the rest of the night.

Thursday I woke up very late and only started stretching using fingers mid-day. My ring finger still goes in comfortably and I installed back the 15mm for the night.

Friday morning the 15mm had fallen again but just in the morning while turning in the bed. My index also started going in comfortably. I decided to go back to 0.2mm increments instead of 0.5mm increments as I can change them more often and it feels better to grow slower. I got to 15.2mm mid-day and 15.4mm at night

Saturday morning the 15.4mm was still holding, I took it out about an hour in the morning for a short break, went back in easily with steroid cream. I had visitors but the stretcher was feeling good and I was not expecting to have to do any heavy lifting or manual work, so I kept the stretchers during the time the visit was here. In the evening I got the 15.6mm for the night.

Sunday morning the stretcher was still holding but this time I had some heavy lifting to do and renovations to continue so I had no stretcher until after dinner. In the evening I did some manual stretching and then got to 15.8mm.

Monday I had a lot of computer work again. Monday is my busiest day and I stayed on the computer most of the day. I had been using mainly the steroid cream and hand moisturizer so far but I remember having great success in the past with coconut oil. I decided to give that a try again to see and got to 16mm. Apparently, it is now not as great as the moisturizing cream, it does not slide as much and feels drier for insertions than moisturizing cream.

Overall I went from 14.6mm to 16mm this week, it looks like 1mm to 1.5mm / week is my comfortable rate of growth which means I am probably about half-way in this process and should expect to finish roughly in the end of august. It is a long process but I really need to keep at it very slowly to not cause any damage.