Week 11 : 14.5mm and first dose of Covid vaccine

Week 11 : 14.5mm and first dose of Covid vaccine
May 24 2021

Last Friday I was at 12mm.

I used a mix of inserting my pinky, using the small and large dolphin stretchers and my very own 3D printed "sandworm" stretchers; and by Wednesday I was at 14mm. It is going very well and I have no inflammation or pain.

Thursday I got my first Covid vaccine dose, I kept my 14mm stretcher to go there as it felt good and just tight enough to not fall off, I took it out discreetly in the parking lot hiding my hand under my oversized t-shirt. In the evening, I started this site. Everything I posted until today, I have posted according to notes I took on an excel spreadsheet I created just to track and document my progress. I needed some help to set up some aspects of this website and I contacted a good friend developer of mine. We live in different countries but we talk on zoom almost every night. Of course, as I had to show him the site, I had to tell him the whole story. It felt good to share with someone you trust. Up until now only my girlfriends, my doctor and another good friend of mine knew about my condition.

Friday I got to 15.5mm, this week felt like it was just stretching by itself, I can even see my glans a little bit now just by pulling my foreskin. Before today I could only start to see it a bit using the small dolphin stretcher by stretching from the inside. My ring finger now also fits, a finger really feels better than the other stretchers, I can't wait until I can get two pinkies in for stretching. The last time I tried the silicon rings it was at 12mm and it was very hard to use and I had some serious pain with it and had to fight with it to remove it. Those silicon rings have 2mm between each size, so now that I am at 15.5mm I thought I would give them another try but with a 14mm ring this time. It was a tiny bit easier to fold it into a heart shape but again when it opened it snapped very strongly and was painful again. I had to fight with it for a considerable amount of time again to take it out and when I succeeded I had some serious inflammation again due to all those manipulations. I used some steroid cream to try and reduce the inflammation but even after some time, the 15.5mm stretcher did not feel good. I spent the night without any stretcher.

I woke up on Saturday and noticed I had a small cut (probably caused by the snapping of the ring yesterday. I decided to let it heal a bit until tonight at least where I can decide if I continue or wait. I had a lot of stuff to do during the day including shopping and groceries. I did some pinky and ring finger stretching here and there during the day for a couple of minutes. Only late after dinner did I get back to it seriously. The largest stretcher that wanted to fit was the 12mm, I let it in for about an hour and then grew to 13mm, an hour later to 13.5 and kept that one for the night as the 14mm did not feel that good and with a small cut, you really don't want to insist too much. Recommendations I found online say to stop completely for 48 hours but in my own experience, I find it better to not completely stop but just not grow more or even reduce a little bit.

Sunday I tried to do some stretching before my 1st pee. Peeing used to be the first thing I would do in the morning, now I can really hold it more, or maybe I simply just empty myself better, I don't know. At any rate, I no longer have an urge to pee as soon as I wake up. So my thought is that after wearing the stretcher all night, maybe it would be easier to grow one size right in the morning. Ended up not feeling right, so I stayed at 13.5mm. I had a lot of renovations to do outside so took it out after breakfast. I found some minutes here and there to do some finger stretching. At night I put back the 13.5mm stretcher for a couple of hours, then tried the 14mm but it still did not feel right and I am not pushing my luck, slow is the way to go.

Monday I had more renovations to continue (we are building a very luxurious chicken coop). I can't really wear the stretchers when I have to walk a lot and force on stuff, so only did some manual stretching in the morning and mid-day. My parents went away for a couple of hours and I used that little moment of privacy to do much more very slow stretching and that got me back to 14mm by the end and I slept with the 14.5mm stretcher now comfortable.

In summary, I was at 12mm last week and got to 14.5mm which is great but I also got as high as 15.5mm and as low as 13.5mm. The important thing is to never look at the progress (or regression) of any given day but focus on the long-term progress, overall this week is still a win considering how little time I had to focus on this.