Week 9 : 10.6mm and a new blood test

Week 9 : 10.6mm and a new blood test
May 07 2021

I have not blogged about progress in a while but things have been going smooth with my 3d printed plugs. I kept on printing them in 0.2mm increments and growing 0.2mm every day or every other day without any remarquable issues.

They have a large stopper in the exterior end that protects against accidentally inserting them too much and maybe loosing a plug with a very unforfortable situation at the hospital. So well, they scratch on underwear. I have already tried wearing my underwear in reverse to prevent the seam to catch on the plug, but it's still not really what I would call confortable.

But the most frustrating thing is that at 0.2mm when the foreskin is almost ready for the next size, it looses the tension on the plug and the plug just falls off, they are so confortable though that at times I don't even notice it. My yard surface is all rocks and the plugs are white, so I searched and searched but some are just lost by now and I had to so several reprints.

It's a bit of trouble and you certainly need some dedication to do foreskin stretching to cure your phimosis, but overall it is going good and I reached 10.6mm this week. The illustration above is computer generated just to show progress, but in reality my inner foreskin (mucosa) just all want's to come out from that hole when I try to pull on my forskin, blocking that hole. However I can kind of have this view if I use two paperclips to stretch this hole from the inside and not by pulling on my foreskin. I is nice to see the tip of my glans for the first time ever in my life. I am extremelly happy that it is working as I was starting to be a bit worried for my health but at the same time really don't want a circumcision.

Friday I had a new blood test, the nurse was very good again and it did not hurt at all (not more than the crazy mosquitos we have around here at least). She took only one vial which I found odd as the last time it was 3 vials (I found out later she forgot to take blood to test my cholesterol which was the main reason for the visit).

I am rationing the steroid cream, I feel like this was in my case essential in the process as I never got this far in previous attempts without it. I am meeting my doctor by phone (due to the current Covid situation) in 3 days. Can't wait to tell her my progress and my improvisation with 3d printing. I also hope she will accept to renew the prescription as it's usually 6 weeks only. There are not much scientific studies on foreskin stretching to cure phimosis in adults. Most serious studies are in childs, in adults it's mostly people trying it out and sharing their experience online like I am doing here. I really hope things could change regarding that situation, it would be nice that doctors have some scientific papers to go by and recommend trying it out before jumping straight to circumcision or not knowing what they should recommend as dosage and times, etc. Anyway, crossing fingers that she agrees with my reasoning and renews it, I think I could continue without it but I really don't want to loose much progress and having to start from scratch.

I have been using hand moisturizing lotion (Eucerin) which has no scents and is very basic. It has helped me save on the steroid cream and not abuse usage as I need some form of lubrication in between the 2 daily doses of steroid cream during the day. I will mention this to my doctor in our phone meeting in 3 days, hope I did not do something wrong here, but it feels right. Personal genital lubricants (KY) irritate me for some reason, but I have a very sensitive skin to begin with, I also can't handle very well scented soaps in the shower, I use the most neutral soap I can find (Dove) or my skin immediatelly becomes irritated.