Week 5: 5mm and I can pee standing up

Week 5: 5mm and I can pee standing up
Apr 11 2021

This week I progressed from 4.5mm to 5mm using a combination of the ear tapers, kniting needles and teflon tape.

On Tuesday I had a new blood and urine test. My doctor wanted to monitor my cholesterol levels a couple of weeks after I got my cholesterol pills to see both it`s effectiveness and other indicators for possible side-effects. As I was going for that she thought it would also be a good idea to take a new urine sample after I started drinking more water and stretching. I have been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. And although I am not very far in my stretching journey, I certainly have a much better urine flow.

The blood sample went fine, almost painless. I then went to the bathroom with my container and my vials. The procedure is usually to retract the foreskin and clean the glans and skin toroughly then dry it and only then start urinating a bit in the bowl to begin and mid-stream get it in the container. The last time, I could only wash the external portion of my foreskin. This time however I was able to twist the cleaning wipe a bit to shape it into a small tube and insert it in my 5mm opening to attempt to clean what I could. At home I usually now wash with a seringe (without the needle), I inject some warm water in the orifice and then release the water out and repeat a couple of times.

When I was ready to pee, I thought since my flow has been so great latelly and this bowl is so huge compare the the one home, let me try to pee standing up. I usually could not do this, because of the size of the orrifice, urine would come out as a spray and I would get pee everywhere. So I tried it and wow, I had a very regular and circular stream, I could aim and everything. I also drank a lot before the test and filling that cup took about 3 seconds.

The urine was of a very light yellow and did not foam like the last time. I was hopeful that this test would turn out much better if not totally normal as opposed as my last one.