Week 3 : 4mm, Phimoheal rings and knitting needles

Week 3 : 4mm, Phimoheal rings and knitting needles
Mar 30 2021

Took my time and used all the week to slowly get form 3mm to 4mm. I did reach 4mm last week but went in too quick and caused a small tear that took a couple of days to heal. 1mm increments is a huge progression for one change of size, I need something that has more sizes.

I found thes stainless steel knitting needles that have sizes for each 0.5mm and are not too pointy. They should be soft and easy to clean because they are made of stainless steel, they are obviously way too long, so I plan to dut just the tip and make myself new safety stoppers using shrink tubing.

As it appears that the stretching is worky (although slowly), I expect I will outgrow both the ear tapers and the knitting needles in about 6-8 weeks I guess. So I also ordered a Phimoheal silicon stretching rings that are made for this purpose. They are way more expansive than other phimosis rings I saw online but with Amazon I have the option to deliver directly to the post office and nobody here will accidently open up this package and start asking questions. I order a lot online and most of the time it is stuff for the house and for other people in the house, so I kind of got used to my packages getting open by others.

I can't wait for a new week to see how much I will progress, 4mm is more than I ever got all my life including my previous stretching attemps without any steroid cream. I feel for me that 4mm is sustantial but at the same time that I am just at the beginning of this long journey that I think will last a couple of months. But the orifice and the skin around it feels healty and has a normal color (not red or white or inflamed).