Day 2 : 2.5mm
Mar 10 2021

Not much to report but this is the second day of the treatment. I started this morning with the 1.6mm but it took many hours to get it completelly in with multiple trials. I was not thinking all work from yesterday would be almost lost after about 8 hours of not stretching. Still using the steroid cream twice per day and using it as lubricant to insert the tapers twice per day. The rest of the insertions are done using coconut oil and it's working well.

The very long tapers are nice because they grow in diameter very slowly as you push them it, so it's very progressive. It took me all day but I got the 2.5mm fully inserted. The part that is less fun is that unless you manage to fully insert them up the the part that goes from the conical to the cylindrical shape, they don't hold. The constriction of the phimotic ring pushed on the cone and thus pushes the taper out. It's a good thing though because you know unless you do reach the end, there is no chance it goes in too far by accident.

The o-rings on the1.6mm where easy to pull off and I did not want to risk sleeping with the taper. I feel more confident with the 2.5mm and I slept with it as to prevent loosing progress during 8 hours of no stretching. It looks like I am in the type of persons that need more frequent stretchins than 2-3 times 10 minutes per day to see progress. That being said, I just got started.

Sleeping with the taper was certainly a challenge, I usually sleep on my belly. I tried sleeping on my back, but I would just simply not sleep. I don't like sleeping on the side either because I am slightly overweight but not enough overweight to have side padding and my ribs are not confortable that way. I found some kind of compromise, I put a pillow between my knees and another thick pillow at my chest level and put the weight of my body at 45degrees on the pillows. I feel I am almost sleeping on my stomac that way, but my penis is in mid-air not touching either the pillows or the bed. If I move slightly though the taper slides inside my underwear and hits the sewing seams. It's not painful but centainly uncomfortable. I am also scared about the risk to accidently push it in too far with one of those underwear slides. So I decided to take the underwear out completelly and slept fully naked.

The night went fine and I can certainly see the difference between just stretching intermitently and wearing a taper for many uninterupted hours.

When I went to pee in the morning I could feel I already had slightly more debit. Great, this should really help with those urinary tract infections and maybe help clean my kidneys by drinking lots of water and having a better urine flow.

When I told my girlfriend I was building this site, the first thing she asked was if I was going to put pictures up. I was not sure if I would or not, my name is not anywhere (Mr. McLovin is not my real name in case anyone was wondering). She prefered I do not put pictures, so instead I did a poor drawing that should illustrate a bit the level of progress. I'll use such image here and there when I don't have any more interesting or funny picture in the next blog posts. Those drawings show the glans visible in the hole but I cannot really see the glans yet because the inner skin bumches up in the hole when I pull on my forskin. According to other images I saw, I don't expect to see my glans the normal way until I reach maybe 10-15mm stretching with a tool.

I have an abdominal ultrasound scheduled tomorrow so I have been drinking a lot of water.