Meeting my family doctor

Meeting my family doctor
Jan 21 2021

On january 4th 2021 I met a doctor in a clinic due to an urinary tract infection (one of multiple). She refered me to a collegue so I can have a family doctor to follow up on this situation and in general too. I talk about that in details in my previous blog post. By the way, the day after that event, I got a call to tell me I did not have Covid after that really not fun test.

I called the new doctor secretary the next day for the takeover. She created my file and told me because of the Covid situation, the initial meeting with my new doctor will be by phone on January 21st which is today, at 3:30 PM. For privacy (my parents live with us) I went for a walk at about 3:20 PM. The doctor called pretty much in time.

She sounded very relaxed compared to the doctors I met in the past. It felt like she was attentivelly listening and not in the middle of two fires trying to get the meeting ending soon to get to the next fire. I don't have much experience with lots of other doctors, maybe it's just that she is a family doctor and most of the doctors I met in the past where in emergency rooms. At any rate, it felt conforting and I had a good feeling about finaly getting a family doctor.

I was also happy to get a female doctor. In my mind because my main issue here is with my penis and one quick and effective way to solve it would be to simply get a circumcision, I was scared to end up with a doctor that would have a strong opinion in favor of it and would be fighting my desire to try other things that are not so much documented in adults like stretching and steroid creams. I read a lot of stories about circumcised doctors that simply don't have an understanding of having a foreskin and simply find that not having one is the norm and that you don't need one.  I want to keep my foreskin for many reasons.

  1. It's part of me, you don't amputate a finger because you have a rash or a cut or it got infected somehow. It sound silly to me that doctors recommend circumcision at the slightest problem with the foreskin, I find that a bit radical if there are other solutions.
  2. I had a premature forced foreskin retraction when I was 3 years old, it was very painful phisically and psychologically, I still remember it and fear all kinds of surgery because of this event.
  3. I know first hand that a lot of the foreskin is responsible for secual pleasure. (And in future blog posts I discuss how after some success I find this statement to be even more true and how the ridged band is even more sensitive and pleasurable than the glans itself).

So long story short, having a female doctor means she won't have a physical reference to know what it is to have or not have a foreskin. Also I find women have better listening hears and will discuss things more than a man who will have stronger opinions and stick to them and maybe in this case with a bias.

We where on the phone about half hour. She started with random non-medical chit chat (which I really appreciated); things like what I do for a living, how long I lived in the area, etc. I told her I am a web developer, not very physically active, I work from home and we recently moved here and bought a multi-generation house so my parents can move in with us. She congratulated me to have my parents with us, she sees a lot of abandoned older people and she really likes to see united families (she actually took them as their family doctor too later on). I also talked about not being able to order any food since we moved and that I think it's not a bad think as I have been eating beter because of that, I also do more exercise beeing in the woods just in general with maintenance and we also have a lake nearby where I love to go swim a couple of times per week, etc.

She then asked me about my family medical history. I told her that on my mother side, there was nothing special, my ancestors died at a decent age and from different things. On my father side though there is an history of cholesterol and diabetes at a younger age.

Then she moved the discussion to me. She asked a couple of general questions about my health and habits (I dont't remember all the details but very general stuff). Then she mentioned that the immediate worry here is having regular urinary infections. In males, it's most of the time indicating some underlaying condition higher up in the urinary system, so we would have to do some tests to find out. Here I was just waiting for an apointment to get that camera you know where. But I got surprised, she actually said that to begin with, she will prescribe a full blood and urine test (not just the basic normal tests) so she had as much information as possible for the next course of action. I was happyli surprised by the more progressive approah as opposed to the doctors I saw in the past. I was almost ready here to get on with my phimosis discussion when she told me that her secretary will email me the request for the blood and urine test today and she would be calling me tomorrow to book an in-person appointment with her right after I get those results. So I did not mention my phimosis thinking that we will meet soon anyway.

We hanged up and I had a good feeling about this new doctor. I was fealing hopeful and starting to put my scared shy brain in the mindset of telling my main story shortly.

I finished my walk back home feeling kind of happy, I told my girlfriend about my phone discussion and that I'll soon try again to take care of my phimosis. I told her about the information I found online about steroid creams and stretching (I feel like I told her that some years ago but she forgot about it or my memory is blurred). Anyway she seamed happy about me having a doctor and planning to take care of myself more.

A bit later that day I got the email for the blood and urine test request. It was still on time to call for an appointment, so I went to the website indicated on the sheet right away and found that booking where done online. There are some serious delays due to Covid so my apointment for the blood test is Febrary 22nd.. I'll be talking about that blood test in my next post.